Bloodways – updated
Bloodways is a collection of horror stories recently updated with an extra two stories. It now contains eleven stories totalling 30,000 words. It includes the following short stories:

Riding the Lightning – A man becomes obsessed with the supernatural power of lightning.
Bloodways – A journalist follows a killer through a portal into a hellish world.
The Black Chip Game – A telepathic woman plays a deadly game of poker against a formidable foe.
Only Snowing – A man’s journey home turns into a nightmare when it begins to snow
Red Red Wine – A man makes a Faustian deal with a vampire.
Stalk – After an accident Stalk sees dead people – dead angry people
Behind Closed Doors – A sinister group meet behind closed doors.
Deathware – A new treatment method for serial killers.
A Distant Roar – A man encounters some dangerous wildlife in Africa.
Breaking Vlad – an old-school vampire visits the author
The Final Tweet – a famous writer leaves a creepy message for his fans

The Black Chip Game first appeared in the magazine Peeping Tom #28 (C) 1997. Revised 2012.


Author: John Moralee

John Moralee writes crime, horror and science fiction.

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