Do You Read Your Spam?

cartoon about spam


Everyone gets spammed the moment they start doing something on-line – but have you ever read any of that drivel? I had a look at yesterday’s spam just to see what I was being sent. Here’s one of them:

A perskn rewuired to reqսire any type of guarantee of your socіable looked at,
look at recent select optiln of purchaѕing the warranty Fuгthermore, it means that to аcheive the corrеϲt a bad credit score personal loan method
to obtain finance to fulfill abrսptly shaped expenses Reduce stress: Reducinmg your νarious debts utilizing a singgle partiɑl have
selected bring evidеnce makes good ƅusiness impression

Huh? I could sort of understand the purpose of sending something like that if it tried to convince me (the gullible receiver) to buy something or to give away my PIN number – but what is the reason for sending something like that? Most of the words are misspelled and nothing makes any sense. It looks like a bad translation of Chinese into Russian into English. I’d like to see more effort put into the writing of spam. Maybe I should contact them with suggestions about how to improve their spam? I’ll have to have their bank account details, of course, plus access to their email accounts, personal diaries, private data …

All of the other messages were equally incomprehensible – all twenty of them. The writers of spam need to get their act together – otherwise people will start to hate them.

They wouldn’t want that, would they?


Author: John Moralee

John Moralee writes crime, horror and science fiction.

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