Using Kindle Comic Creator

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Using Kindle Comic Creator

Kindle Comic Creator is a free software program tucked away on an obscure webpage on Amazon. It’s useful in the creation of comic books and graphic novels for anyone wanting to build their own illustrated Kindle books. Having previously tried to make my own comic using a word-processing program, inserting each picture into a document separately, only to find out the result didn’t upload properly to Kindle Publishing, I was happy to try out their software to see if it made the process simpler. It did. If you are interested in making a comic book, here is what you have to do:

Visit this page on Amazon to download the free software, available in PC and Mac formats. (The file is about 250 megabytes and uses 500 on your computer.)

Run the program. Enter information about your new book like the author’s name and book title. You’ll need to have a cover ready or you can’t complete this section.

Next you’ll be asked to add pages to your book. It really helps if you have all of the pictures gathered into one folder, listed in the order in which you want them to appear in the book. Grab all of the pictures and OPEN them. The program will turn your pictures into pages in your book. Then go to the menu and click on BUILD. That will make the program create a mobi file suitable to loading onto KDP. Building a book took about five minutes on my ancient computer – during which the ominous words ‘VALIDATING BOOK’ appeared on the screen – but the creation will probably be faster on a newer computer. Save the resulting mobi file before exiting the program. You can then upload the mobi onto KDP or export it to Kindle. It’s that easy!

More advance features are available if you want to make comics with multiple panels or add text and a table of contents. The help information guides you through that quite well, though it does become technical and expect you to know how to add hypertext. You would need to have those things ready to upload before you create your book. If you don’t need those things for your book, the book is done just once you’ve uploaded the pictures.

Large mobi files have a higher minimum selling price than an ordinary book because they contain a lot more data (nine megabytes in my own example) – so please be aware of that before setting your price.

Please note: Kindle Comic Creator is not an art program to make comics – just a formatting one to help build a file for uploading.

Available on Amazon!

Amazon US / Amazon UK


Author: John Moralee

John Moralee writes crime, horror and science fiction.

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