Inside the writer’s mind – new review

inside the writer's mind comic strip
More cartoons at the weekend.

Like the writer in my cartoon, I do check to see if I have some new reviews and try to see the positive in them. If a reader takes the time to write a thoughtful review, even if it is critical, then I think it serves a purpose. It’s not possible to please everyone. We all have different tastes.

A thoughtful review will often help sales even it if contains criticism because it tells potential readers what the reviewer liked or didn’t like. It might even boost sales because it gives readers a clearer idea of what the book is about and its intended readership.

I have a book out under a pen name that started selling after receiving a three-star review describing in detail what the reader thought of each story. It really helped sales more than some short five-star reviews because it helped readers decide if it was their sort of thing before buying it. I really appreciate the time that person took to write a thoughtful review.

Unfortunately, a thoughtless review can just as easily ruin a book’s sales. Here’s a three-star review for the same book: “I haven’t read it yet.”

They hadn’t read it – but they left a three-star review? I suppose that’s better than not reading it and giving it a one-star review – but it was a pointless thing to do. That review helps nobody. It damaged sales of my books by shaving a point off its star rating for no good reason. Other Amazon customer voted it down – but it still stands there on my book’s Amazon page. I really hope that person will eventually read my book and post a more useful review because every review matters when you are a writer like me publishing your work through KDP Select.

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Author: John Moralee

John Moralee writes crime, horror and science fiction.

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