Guest Interview: Horror Writer Mark Taylor

Horror author Mark Taylor
Horror author Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor is an author from the UK, specialising in horror. His first novel is Shutter Speed, published by Nocturnal Press Publications. Mark’s short fiction is published in many anthologies, including Tales of Terror and Mayhem, Haunted and Small Cuts to the Psyche. He specialises in dark and twisted stories.




What should readers know about you and your writing?

I am an author of the macabre. I have in the past labelled myself as a horror author, but these days I am still better with macabre. My writing is dark, it is scary, but rarely do I focus on gore and splatter.

I have a long history of short story writing, and while I do still do some, mostly my work these days is longer – Novellas and Novels.

I have a new book – actually a large collection of short stories –  coming out in the summer from Gnome on Pig Productions in Canada, I have novels Shutter Speed and Redemption out from publishers in the UK and US respectively and I have some self published work out.

What inspires you to write?

I love to write. That’s pretty much all the inspiration I need.

I’ve been a fan of horror since I was young. I love the films. I’ve always had a passion for reading King and Barker, Herbert and such. It’s these things that got me started.


I can’t stop, it appears.

What advice would you give to other writers?

If you’re writing to be famous, or rich, or for the groupies, then stop now. Go learn the guitar. It’s more rewarding in those ways.

If you’re writing because you write, it’s hard. Some days no one will read your work. Some days you won’t want to show it to people. Rejection hurts. Criticism burns.

But it will make you better. It will make you stronger…

Don’t give up.

Good advice. Giving up is the only way of guaranteeing failure.

What are you working on now right now?

At this pinprick in time I am just about to start the last chapter of my latest novel, Trinity. It’s a (macabre) science fiction number. I’ve got a lot of work to do to it though.

I’m also working on part three of The Devil’s Hand series titled Celestials. It should be out soon.

Oh, and I’m halfway through another novel.


So much to do.

Sounds like you are very busy!

Which writers are your favourites?

I’m a massive fan of Richard Laymon. His work is fantastic. And as I have said before, King, Herbert, and Barker. These days with the prolific amount of fiction available through small press and self publishing I have found myself more and more reading new writers.

I love reading many “indie” authors, and have started finding myself buying their work over and above the authors that I used to.

For better or worse some would argue, the internet has changed a lot.

I’m also a big fan of Richard Laymon. His style looked so simple – almost too simple – but his stories always raced along with good dialogue and effective suspense. I liked the dark humour in his work.

Thanks for doing an interview, Mark.

Mark Taylor’s  novel, SHUTTER SPEED, is available now from Nocturnal Press Publications, and REDEMPTION, a novel he co-authored with author Charles Day is available from Black Bed Sheet Books. The first parts of THE DEVIL’S HAND series, CROSSING GUARD and CONVICTION, are also available now.

His author website is at

He is also on Facebook:


Author: John Moralee

John Moralee writes crime, horror and science fiction.

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