Crystal Lake Publishing (January stories)

I haven’t posted anything on my website for a while, so I’m pleased to have some positive news for 2022. One of my short stories will appear soon via Crystal Lake Publishing’s Patreon page as one of the shortlisted stories in their latest competition. If you want to read the stories, you can find a list of them here. The stories will appear on their website for members to read, with one new one added each day. My story will become available to read in 20 days. (It’s called Natalie’s Ghost.) CLP members can vote for the winner after all twenty stories are published. I hope you’ll check them out.

CLP’s Patreon link is here.

Have a happy New Year!

Footsteps in the Dark: update 2

Here’s a link to an interesting blog featuring interviews with the authors in the new anthology Footsteps in the Dark, which includes one of my stories, plus many others.

The authors write about the works that inspired them and describe their writing methods.

Interview with the authors of Footsteps in the Dark


Footsteps in the Dark: anthology update

Covid-19 delayed the release of many books, including an anthology of Gothic fantasy short stories called Footsteps in the Dark, which I’m pleased to say contains one of my short stories.

The book also includes work by Ramsey Campbell and many more authors. You can read about the inspiration behind each story on the publisher’s website here.

The book is now available in the USA and Canada, as well as the UK.






Inside the Writer’s Mind: Original Copy

Joke about Covid-19.

It’s hard to ignore a global pandemic, but writing about it has some problems. Many publishers have put out notices saying they don’t want any more stories on the subject because they have already been sent thousands of manuscripts. But it’s difficult to ignore something so world-changing if you write contemporary fiction.

Do you have your characters social distance/wear masks/lockdown or have them make no references to what’s currently going on?

Personally, I don’t want to write about the coronavirus. It’s depressing enough thinking about it without adding to the misery.

It’s contemporary nature could make any story and information very quickly outdated. Maybe we will find a cure next week. Maybe it will mutate into something even worse. Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict the outcome.

I’m not going to make references to it in my fiction because I want to imagine a world without it being the focus of everything.

We will defeat it eventually, but until that happens I’m going to write as though it is no longer a problem.




Inside the Writer’s Mind: The New Normal

Cartoon strip

I hope everyone out there is coping with the terrible effects of the coronavirus. It’s a worrying time for us all. Writers are probably more used to self-isolating than other people because of the nature of their work, requiring solitude during the writing process, but nobody wanted this level of social distancing. I feel like I’m venturing out into a different world every time I step outside and see people wearing face masks.

I’m hopeful, though. The situation won’t last forever. I just hope that after it’s over things don’t return to exactly how they were before. We can all live in a better world if we learn from this experience. Life after lockdown doesn’t have to be the same.

It can be something better.

Inside the Writer’s Mind: How To Write Literary Fiction

Cartoon strip about writing.

Previous blog post on making a comic book using Kindle Comic Creator

Inside the Writer’s Mind: How Not To Be a Successful Author is a collection of satirical cartoon strips about the life of an aspiring, desperate writer, currently lurking somewhere on Amazon US and Amazon UK.

New Anthology: Switchblade: Tech Noir

Tech Noir list of contributors.
Switchblade: Tech Noir is now available on Amazon.

I’ve always enjoyed reading noir fiction and cyberpunk – so I was excited to find out Switchblade magazine wanted stories for a new anthology called Switchblade: Tech Noir. I was even more excited when my story Bad Score was among the ten tales selected by the editor, Scotch Rutherford.

Bad Score is a mix of hard-boiled crime story and dystopian SF, set in an America where cybernetic advancements have not created a perfect future.

The other contributors to the anthology are Callum McSorley, James Edward O’Brien, Mandi Jourdan, Hugh Lessig, Rob D. Smith, Matt Gomez, Nick Kolakowski, Eric Beetner and Alec Cizak.

Switchblade: Tech Noir contains 222 pages of new fiction.

If you like tough noir with a dark SF edge, I hope you will check it out!

Amazon US / Amazon UK

Inside the Writer’s Mind #424: Resub

Joke about writing and re-submitting stories.


Previous blog post on making a comic book using Kindle Comic Creator

Inside the Writer’s Mind: How Not To Be a Successful Author is my first book of satirical cartoon strips about the life of an aspiring, desperate writer, currently lurking somewhere on Amazon US and Amazon UK.

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