My New Science Fiction Collections 2018

Hi. It’s been a while since I updated my blog. I’ve been busy working on two new SF short story collections, which I’m happy to say have just been released as ebooks:  Strange Blue World and Future Imperfect.

Future Imperfect

Future Imperfect is a collection of eight science-fiction short stories set in the far future. It includes five tales previously published in anthologies and three new ones exclusive to this SF book.

Future Imperfect Amazon US/ Amazon UK

Future Imperfect cover

Strange Blue World

We all live on one strange blue world called Earth. This collection of SF is set on Earth – but not necessarily our Earth. This book contains a wide range of speculative fiction, including short stories about parallel universes, artificial intelligence, steampunk societies, alternate histories and many other science-fiction topics. Strange Blue World explores our planet in nineteen short stories for fans of quirky collections of science fiction.

Strange Blue World Amazon US/ Amazon UK

Strange Blue World cover

Both books are available on Amazon and other retailers.

I hope you’ll check them out.

Future Imperfect Amazon US/ Amazon UK

Strange Blue World Amazon US/ Amazon UK

Other retailers: Future Imperfect / Strange Blue World



Ten Reasons Why I Haven’t Written Anything Today

Ten Reasons Why I Haven’t Written Anything Today

1) I don’t want to get a repetitive strain injury while typing.

2) There’s so much fake news that I can’t trust any research sources, not even my dictionary.

3) The name of my main character turned out to be a vile word in Serbian, so I needed to think of a new one that’s not offensive in any languages.

4) I want to avoid clichés like the plague.

5) I want to avoid old jokes like that one above.

6) Every idea I have has already been done so many times that I’m worried about plagiarising myself.

7) Someone tweeted something so outrageously stupid that my head’s exploded.

8) All the unimportant notifications from Facebook filled my inbox beyond capacity, releasing a tidal wave of spam, drowning me in digital waste.

9) I’m sure I’m coming down with the flu – so I can’t work if I’m seriously ill.

10) I fear that anything that I do write will offend someone somewhere, resulting in a barrage of hate mail, death threats and invitations to join political parties.

New Release: The Quick and the Dread


I’m pleased to announce the release of my latest collection of horror and dark suspense: The Quick and the Dread.

The Quick and the Dread is my third collection of horror and dark suspense after the publication of The Bone Yard and Other Stories and Bloodways. They are all standalone collections that can be read in any order.

My new book contains 180 pages of short stories and flash fiction tales. Some are macabre. Some are black comedy. All are a quick read for fans of quirky horror and dark suspense.

The Quick and the Dread is now available as an ebook on Amazon and other retailers.

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Other retailers (Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo etc.)