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Hi. I’m John Moralee.

Thanks for visiting my website!

I write crime, horror and science fiction, mostly for my own amusement, though I do like it when other people read and enjoy my stories.

I live in the UK, where my short fiction has appeared in magazines and anthologies. I’m the author of three novels – ACTING DEAD, JOURNAL OF THE LIVING and THE HOUSE ON WILLOW LANE – available on Amazon as paperbacks and ebooks.

Several collections of my short fiction are published in various genres. They include The Bone Yard and Other Stories (horror), Bloodways (more horror), Edge of Crime (crime omnibus), The Good Soldier (general fiction) and The Tomorrow Tower (science fiction).

All of my novels and story collections are published on Amazon US and Amazon UK. Other retailers include Barnes and Noble, Apple iTunes, Kobo and 24Symbols.

Previously published stories are available in these magazines and books:

Picture of publications
Previous publications.

On my blog I’ll be posting personal stuff about writing, guest interviews and a cartoon strip called Inside the Writer’s Mind, which I hope to update fairly regularly with new jokes.

Over 200 cartoons about writing can be read in order if you click here.

Please click this for more information about my books.

Goodreads / Twitter.

UK Amazon

US Amazon

You can contact me privately using the form below.

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