Inside the Writer’s Mind: Original Copy

Joke about Covid-19.

It’s hard to ignore a global pandemic, but writing about it has some problems. Many publishers have put out notices saying they don’t want any more stories on the subject because they have already been sent thousands of manuscripts. But it’s difficult to ignore something so world-changing if you write contemporary fiction.

Do you have your characters social distance/wear masks/lockdown or have them make no references to what’s currently going on?

Personally, I don’t want to write about the coronavirus. It’s depressing enough thinking about it without adding to the misery.

It’s contemporary nature could make any story and information very quickly outdated. Maybe we will find a cure next week. Maybe it will mutate into something even worse. Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict the outcome.

I’m not going to make references to it in my fiction because I want to imagine a world without it being the focus of everything.

We will defeat it eventually, but until that happens I’m going to write as though it is no longer a problem.




Inside the Writer’s Mind: The New Normal

Cartoon strip

I hope everyone out there is coping with the terrible effects of the coronavirus. It’s a worrying time for us all. Writers are probably more used to self-isolating than other people because of the nature of their work, requiring solitude during the writing process, but nobody wanted this level of social distancing. I feel like I’m venturing out into a different world every time I step outside and see people wearing face masks.

I’m hopeful, though. The situation won’t last forever. I just hope that after it’s over things don’t return to exactly how they were before. We can all live in a better world if we learn from this experience. Life after lockdown doesn’t have to be the same.

It can be something better.